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Lincolnton Area Photography Studio

Pamela Hughes Photography is a professional photography studio conveniently located at 634 Center Dr, Lincolnton, NC. Serving Lincoln, Gaston, Catawba, and surrounding areas, we offer various photographic and creative services, including but not limited to:

Professional Business Portraits

We offer professional business portraits in studio and on location, for business cards, advertisements, websites, blog, even social media profiles. We have packages for individual and group portraits, business events, etc.

Specialty Portrait Services

We offer many specialty portrait services including Themed Mini Sessions, Location Services, Studio Portraits, Wedding Packages, Senior Portraits, Maternity Packages that include month-to-month through Labor and Delivery, Infant Portraits, Baby’s First Year Packages, Event Photography, Corporate Photography, and much more.

Business Design Services

Let us design, build, and host your website/blog and build and maintain your social media presence. You send us your update ideas or special promotions, and we’ll take care of the rest. Packages are reasonably priced and are fully customized according to your specific needs. (We built this site)

Advertising Packages

We will design a custom advertisement for your business for print, web, social media, etc., complete with images and original artwork. We can even print flyers, business cards, coupons, gift certificates, etc. for use in your business advertisements.


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As a photographer in Lincoln and Gaston areas, I support local businesses. Visit our links to find great local businesses to support right here in our area.

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